How to File a Change of Officer in a Louisiana LLC

By Jennifer Hall

As part of registering with the Secretary of State in Louisiana, a limited liability company must list the names of its members and/or managers in its articles of organization. There are no officers in an LLC; the company is governed by the owners, who are known as members, and/or managers, who may be both. Once established, the LLC files an annual report that, among other things, states the governing bodies of the company. Any change in the status of these individuals must be reported by using a specific form provided by the secretary of state.

Step 1

Go to Louisiana Secretary of State website. Under "Online Services," click on "Commercial Online Filing." In the left hand column, click on "Corporation Forms." From the list of forms, click on "Form 983A Change of Members and/or Managers-Louisiana Limited Liability Company."

Step 2

Fill out Form 983A. You can choose to either fill it out online and file it electronically, or print out a PDF, fill it out, and then submit it by mail to the secretary of state. If you fill it out online, you need to enter the charter number of your company; the online form is then pre-populated with your company information. Simply change the appropriate member/manager names.

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Step 3

Submit your form. If you file online, a member or manager must sign the form electronically; you also need to authorize the filing fee. If filing by mail, after filling in all the appropriate information on the two-page form, obtain the signature of a member or manager, include the appropriate fee and send it to State of Louisiana, Secretary of State, P.O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9125.

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