How to Form an LLC in Wyoming

By Salvatore Jackson

Wyoming law permits the creation of limited liability companies, or LLC’s. A Wyoming LLC combines the limited liability benefits of a corporation, the limited reporting and pass-through federal taxation treatment of a partnership and the business-friendly taxation climate of Wyoming. Forming a Wyoming LLC involves filing a document, called an articles of organization, with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Step 1

Choose a name for your Wyoming LLC. Wyoming law requires the name of all Wyoming LLC’s to contain either the phrase “limited liability company” or the abbreviation “LC”, “L.C.”, “LLC” or “L.L.C.”. You may abbreviate “limited” as “Ltd.” and “company” as “co.”. The name of your Wyoming LLC must also be distinguishable from the name of any company registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The Wyoming Secretary of State maintains an online database of registered Wyoming businesses (see Resources), which you can use to find a unique name for your business.

Step 2

Chose a registered agent for your Wyoming LLC. Wyoming law requires all businesses to maintain a registered agent. A registered agent is the person or business that, if your business is ever subpoenaed or sued, will receive service of process. If you are a Wyoming resident, you may serve as the registered agent of your company. If you are not a Wyoming resident, or do not wish to associate your name and home address with your business in a public record, you may choose to hire a registered agent service, which will receive service of process for your business.

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Step 3

Download the Articles of Organization form from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website (see Resources). You must use the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Articles of Organization form to register an LLC.

Step 4

Fill out the Articles of Organization form. Provide the name, mailing address and street address of your company. Provide the name and street address of your registered agent. Sign and date the Articles of Organization. Provide your name, address, phone number and email.

Step 5

Have your registered agent execute a Consent to Appointment form. The Consent to Appointment form is attached to the Articles of Organization form. Your registered agent must provide his name and address and sign the form.

Step 6

File the Articles of Organization and Consent to Appointment form. The Wyoming Secretary of State accepts filing by mail. As of 2010, the filing fee is $100, which must be paid by check or money order payable to the Wyoming Secretary of State. The filing address is Wyoming Secretary of State, State Capitol Building, Room 110, 200 West 24th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020.

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