How to Form an S Corp in Florida

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Creating an S corporation is a two-step process. First, the business must incorporate according to the laws of Florida as a regular corporation, commonly known as a C corporation. Then you change the C corporation to an S corporation by making a special tax election with the Internal Revenue Service. Businesses choose to elect S corporation status for income tax purposes.

S Corporation Taxation

The S corporation election changes how the company is taxed. A C corporation must pay corporate income taxes each year, and when it makes distributions to the individual owners, they must include that amount as dividend income in the year the payment was received. So, effectively, the C corporation income is taxed twice. With an S corporation, the income of the business passes directly to individual shareholders according to their proportionate ownership shares. As a result, the shareholders include their share of the business' income on their personal tax returns even if the company does not make any distributions for the year.

S Corporation Requirements

Not all C corporations qualify to make the S corporation election. To qualify, your corporation must be a U.S. corporation; have only U.S. residents, U.S. citizens, and qualifying organizations such as non-profits as shareholders; have 100 or fewer shareholders; and have only one class of stock, which may carry different voting rights. Also, the corporation cannot be found ineligible for S status simply because of the type of business it is.

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Incorporating In Florida

To incorporate in Florida, you must file articles of incorporation for your business with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. The articles of incorporation must contain your company name, address, corporate purpose, the number of shares the corporation may issue, the name and address of the Florida registered agent and the name and address of the incorporator. The company name must include words that designate a corporation, such as Corp.; Incorporated; Inc.; Company; or Co. You can also enter the names of the first directors and officers of the corporation. File the articles of incorporation by mailing the form with the applicable fee to the Florida Department of State or using an online legal documentation service for assistance.

S Corporation Election

Once you have legally incorporated your business in Florida, it is officially a corporation. Assuming your company meets the S corporation requirements, you can make the S corporation election any time. To make the election, file Form 2553 with the IRS. This form requires basic information about the company, including the name, address, employer identification number, state of incorporation, date of incorporation and the corporation's fiscal year. Every shareholder must sign IRS Form 2553 because you must have unanimous approval to make the S corporation election.

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A sole proprietor may benefit from converting to an S Corporation. While a sole proprietor is personally liable for business debts, shareholders of an S Corporation are not liable for the corporation’s liabilities. Neither business structure pays income taxes directly; instead, sole proprietors and S corporation shareholders both declare income earned by the business on their personal tax returns.

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An S corporation is a corporation that has been approved by the IRS to be taxed under Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code. An S corporation is typically not taxed as an entity. Instead, the IRS and many state governments tax shareholders of an S corp on their proportionate shares of the corporation's taxable income. This results in a net tax savings in many cases. To form an S corporation, you must form a corporation that complies with Subchapter S restrictions, and then elect S corporation taxation with the IRS.

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A regular corporation, also known as a C corporation, can make an election with the Internal Revenue Service to receive special tax treatment as a small business corporation under Subchapter S of the tax code: The C corporation is then considered an S corporation. This designation changes only how the corporation is treated for tax purposes. The IRS has established a list of requirements that a C corporation must be able to satisfy to qualify for the election. An S corporation can have a maximum of 100 shareholders, none of those shareholders can be limited liability companies, corporations, or nonresident aliens, and it can have only one class of stock. The IRS requires all shareholders to consent to the election in writing.

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