Is It Legal to Get Married the Same Day You Get Divorced?

By Wayne Thomas

Moving on with your life is an important step after a marriage ends. Because divorces can take time, you may find another partner and voice your intent to marry as soon as the divorce can be finalized. However, some states restrict your ability to remarry until a specified period has passed from the date the divorce is granted.

Waiting to Remarry

The divorce process is governed entirely by state law. Some states allow a couple to remarry the same day they are divorced. Other states, including Texas, require you to wait until after the period for appealing the divorce ruling is over, generally 30 days. If you get married within that period, the court can nullify the marriage. However, depending on the state, it may be possible to have this waiting period waived. This generally requires you to provide a good reason to the judge. An example might be if you had a terminal illness.

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