How to Legally Change Your Name in Arizona?

By Lauren Miller

In Arizona it is a fairly simple process to change your name. If you do not like the name you were born with, or you want to use your maiden name after getting a divorce, you can apply to your local clerk of the court of the Arizona Superior Court for a name change.

Step 1

Download the official “Application for Name Change” and “Order Changing Name for an Adult” forms from the online self-service center of the Arizona Judicial Branch. These documents can also be obtained in person from the superior court clerk in your jurisdiction. A court locator is available online.

Step 2

Fill out the name change application. It includes details such as your name, contact information, date of birth, the reason why you want to change your name and an indication if you have ever been convicted of a felony.

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Step 3

Complete the Order Changing Name document. It is a simple document that includes your name and contact details. If your name change is approved, the local judicial officer will sign this form and indicate that a new birth certificate can be issued in Arizona with your new name.

Step 4

Submit the original documents plus two copies of each to the clerk of the court and pay the filing fee. Fees vary by county. If you cannot afford the filing fee you can request a fee waiver or deferment.

Step 5

Obtain a certified copy of the Order Changing Name document. The clerk of the court will issue a notice of a hearing and tell you the specific hearing procedure for that county. The certified copy of the order will be issued if your name change is approved. You must have this in order to apply for a name change with government agencies that issue identification such as the motor vehicles division.

Step 6

Download an application for a new Social Security card from the website of the Social Security Administration (SSA). After you fill out the form, take it to your local SSA office along with your name change documents and a photo ID in order to obtain a new Social Security card.

Step 7

Take your name change documents and your current driver’s license to the local office of the state’s motor vehicle division and request to have a new driver’s license issued with your new name.

Step 8

Mail or deliver, in person, a certified copy of the name change order to the local office of the Bureau of Vital Records in the county where you were born -- if you were born in Arizona -- and request to have your birth certificate changed to reflect your new name. If you were born in another state, contact the agency that handles birth certificates in your hometown to find out if you can change your birth certificate information.

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