How to Legally Change Your Name in Massachusetts

By Anna Assad

You can change your name in Massachusetts for any reason that is considered valid by the courts. Name change petitions are handled through the Probate and Family Court of the county you live in. The judge has the right to deny a name change if he decides the request isn't for legitimate purposes, such as attempting to hide from a creditor.

Step 1

Get a certified copy of your birth certificate. Visit the official website of the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services to view the options for getting a copy.

Step 2

Visit the Probate and Family Court in your Massachusetts county of residence. Ask for a change of name petition.

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Step 3

Complete the petition. Formats vary by Massachusetts county, but all require the following information under state law: your legal name, address, date of birth and birthplace. Use your full name; you can't use initials. State the reason for the name change on the labeled spot on the petition.

Step 4

Attach the certified copy of your birth certificate to the petition. File the petition in the Family and Probate Court; filing fees differ by county. The court will notify you of a hearing date by mail.

Step 5

Attend the hearing. Go over your reasons for the name change before attending the hearing, as the judge has the right to ask you questions about the change before granting the order.

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