How Long Till a Divorce Is Final After Filing?

By Wayne Thomas

Divorces are not finalized overnight. Even if you and your spouse are in complete agreement on the major divorce issues, many states have mandatory waiting periods that automatically delay the process. Further, depending on where you file, court scheduling will play a key factor in determining the time it takes a judge to sign off on the divorce.

Divorce Timetables

When a couple cannot reach an agreement on any aspect of child custody, spousal support or property, the case must be resolved through trial. This is known as a contested divorce, and it can take several months to exchange information and prepare for the hearing. Uncontested divorces, where parties are in complete agreement on the terms of the divorce, are generally much quicker and are resolved by a short hearing without trial. However, some states refuse to grant any divorce until a specified time period has passed after filing, which can range from a number of days to several months. In addition, even after the divorce is granted, some locations also put a hold on your ability to remarry for a stated period. For example, Oklahoma statutes state that it is unlawful to remarry someone, in the state, other than your former spouse within 6 months from the date of your Oklahoma divorce decree.

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Some states are wary of letting couples divorce too easily or too quickly, and Alabama is one of them. The state has built provisions into its legislation to slow the process down a little. In reality, the waiting period is so short that it often has little or no effect, however. How long a divorce takes really depends on whether you and your spouse are fighting over myriad issues or can reach an amicable settlement.

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