What Is the Meaning of Primary Custodian?

By Beverly Bird

When the word primary is used in connection with custody, it usually relates to physical custody – which parent your children will live with after your divorce. The primary parent or custodian has possession of the children the majority of the time, but different states use various terms for dealing with this legal concept.

Determining Custody

If you live in New Jersey, the primary custodian is called the parent of primary residence. Illinois uses the term primary custodian or residential custodian. By any name, if you and your spouse can't reach a parenting plan on your own, the court will decide which of you should be the primary parent based on the best interests of the child. In some states, a statute will list factors that the judge must consider to determine who the most suitable custodial parent is.

Visitation Rights

When one parent has primary custody, it doesn't mean the other parent won't get to see his children. It simply means your children will probably not be dividing their time equally between your home and your ex's residence. Your visitation schedule with your children can be whatever you and your spouse agree on, or the court may fall back on a standard parenting schedule if you can't agree, such as every other weekend and one weekday evening.

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Legal Custody

Legal custody is different from physical custody – it's the right of one or both parents to make important decisions relating to your children's upbringing. The primary custodial parent does not automatically have sole legal custody as well.

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Sole Custody Vs. Joint Legal Custody


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What Is the Difference Between Custodial Parent & Primary Physical Custody?

During your divorce, the court awards physical custody -- which determines where your child resides -- to either you, your spouse or both of you. If the court awards physical custody to only one of you, or your child lives with one parent most of the time, that parent will be known as your child's custodial parent, which also is described as having primary physical custody. The terms custodial parent and primary physical custody usually describe the same type of custody arrangement.

Joint Legal Vs. Joint Physical Custody in New York State

Custody orders sometimes baffle parents with their legal terminology, to the point where parents often aren't sure exactly what kind of custody they have. New York’s statutes are more confounding than those of some other states. They don’t specifically make reference to legal or physical custody, but only to custody as a whole. Even so, every New York custody order addresses the concepts of joint, sole, legal and physical custody, even if the order does not discuss the custody in exactly those terms.

North Carolina Laws on Primary Custody and Average Child Support

While a divorce is a momentous change in the life of both parents and their children, North Carolina courts attempt to maintain some continuity when awarding child support. Ideally, a child support award provides children with the same support and lifestyle they had before their parents separated. With this in mind, courts will consider the income of each parent as well as which parent has primary custody of the children. The support payment is based not only on the ability of each parent to pay support, but also the needs of the children.

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