Missouri LLC Statutes

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The law relating to limited liability companies in Missouri is contained in Chapter 347 of the revised statutes, also known as the Missouri Limited Liability Company Act. Organizers must file the relevant documentation with the Office of the Secretary of State. If you intend to set up an LLC in the state, note that because of the Missouri Sunshine Law, all information set out in documentation filed with the Secretary of State is subject to public disclosure.

LLC Name

The name of any LLC incorporated in Missouri must be distinguishable from the name of any other LLC or business entity registered in the state. In addition, the name should not imply that the company is a government agency. Names must include the words, "limited company" or "limited liability company," or the abbreviation "LC," "LLC," "L.C." or "L.L.C." Check the validity -- online, by mail or by telephone -- of a proposed name before filing the necessary documents. For a fee, you may be able to reserve a name for a period of 60 days.

Registered Agent

Every LLC organized in Missouri must maintain a registered agent in the state. Either an individual or a business entity may act as a registered agent. The agent’s address should be that of the registered office of the LLC and the agent should be in a position to receive service of any process or notice required by law. An LLC is permitted to change its agent at any time, but must inform the Secretary of State by filing the appropriate documentation. The change becomes effective upon the date of filing.

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Articles of Organization

Organizers of an LLC must file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. An LLC is not permitted to transact any business until the Articles have been filed. This form must include certain information, including the name of the company and the purpose for which it is organized.

Members and Managers

An LLC is a flexible business entity and may be managed either by its members or by designated managers. The Articles of Organization must state the person or persons who will manage the company. Managers do not have to be members of the LLC.

Continuing Obligations

Every LLC registered in Missouri must keep certain documentation available for inspection at its registered office. This documentation includes a list of the names and addresses of all members and managers. In addition, the LLC must ensure that copies of all local, state and federal tax returns are held at the registered office.

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