Do You Need to Have a Social Security Number to Get a Divorce?

By Mary Jane Freeman

When you file for divorce, you provide a large amount of information to the court. This information includes your name, marriage date, number of children, grounds for divorce and a list of assets and debts. Other basic information is also typically required. However, requirements vary by state and the policies of each individual court.

Common Requirements

Although state laws vary, courts routinely require divorcing spouses to provide their Social Security numbers along with other personal information, such as their birth dates and addresses. This is true whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or simply responding to the divorce petition your spouse filed. Depending on the court, you may be required to place this information on the divorce petition or answer, or on a separate disclosure form. For instance, in Maine, Florida and Pennsylvania, divorcing spouses must provide their Social Security numbers on a separate Social Security information sheet. In Arizona, this information is provided on a confidential sensitive data form where other sensitive information is listed, such as bank account and credit card numbers. Generally, courts require a separate form to ensure this information is excluded from the divorce documents made available to the public.


If a spouse does not have a Social Security number to provide, such as might be the case if a spouse is an undocumented immigrant, she can generally still get divorced. Although laws and court policies differ, she'll likely need to submit an affidavit to the court confirming that she does not have a Social Security number.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
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