How to Get Power of Attorney in Alberta

By Anna Assad

An enduring power of attorney allows you to make financial decisions for another person in Alberta. The donor is the person granting the authority and the recipient is the attorney. Adults and financial institutions can act as an attorney. The attorney can act on behalf of the donor in any financial matter authorized by the donor on the enduring power of attorney. You can get power of attorney for another person by having her complete an enduring power of attorney form that is valid under Alberta law.

Step 1

Obtain an enduring power of attorney form from an office supplies store. Use a general form if the donor is granting broad financial powers. Use a limited form if the donor is only granting specific powers.

Step 2

Write in the donor's name and address in the donor section.

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Step 3

Write in your name and address in the attorney section.

Step 4

Complete the powers section for a limited power of attorney. Forms vary. Follow the form's instructions for granting powers. For example, if the powers section is blank and the instructions indicate that you must insert the powers, write in the specific powers.

Step 5

State whether the power of attorney goes into effect or continues when the donor becomes incapacitated below the powers section. For example, if the power of attorney will continue when the donor becomes incapacitated, you might write, "These powers continue in the event of the donor's incapacitation."

Step 6

Find a witness. A witness must sign the power of attorney at the same time as the donor. Ask a person over the age of 17 who isn't your spouse or partner, or the spouse of partner of the donor, to witness.

Step 7

Meet with the donor and witness. Bring the enduring power of attorney with you. Ask the donor and witness to sign their names in the labeled spots. Ask each person to print her name under her signature. Sign your name on the attorney line and print your name below. Make a copy of the document for yourself. Give the original to the donor.

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How to Fill Out a Power of Attorney


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Power of Attorney

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