How to Get Power of Attorney Forms

By Lisa Magloff

A power of attorney form is a legal contract that gives one person – called the agent – the right to make financial, legal or health care decisions for another person – called the principal. There are several different types of power of attorney, such as a health care power of attorney, a durable power of attorney or a general power of attorney. The exact form you will need depends on the type of power of attorney you want to assign. In most cases, a standard fill-in-the-blanks form will be adequate, but in some cases, you may need the forms drawn up by an attorney.

Step 1

Use a lawyer to draw up your power of attorney forms if your situation is not straightforward. If you want to assign the agent the power to run a business for you or to handle only certain aspects of you financial affairs, or if a great deal of money is involved, using an attorney can help prevent costly mistakes.

Step 2

Purchase power of attorney forms and instructions at a legal stationary or office supply store.

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Step 3

Check the probate code in your state. In most states, the state probate code contains model power of attorney forms that meet the states' legal requirements for a power of attorney. The probate code can be found online or in a university or public law library.

Step 4

Ask the information desk at your county's public library, or check the library's website for templates for power of attorney forms. The exact location of the forms may change from one library to the next, but they may be located in a section containing forms, motions and pleadings. Print out or photocopy the forms.

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Can Banks Do Power of Attorney Forms for You?


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