How to Report Income as an LLC Member

By Joseph Nicholson

Unless the members of an LLC elect otherwise, the IRS treats an LLC as a pass-through entity for tax purposes. This means that income for LLCs is reported on the personal tax return of the owner or owners, called members. Multiple member LLCs are taxed as partnerships, with each member's individual tax returns reflecting a share of gains or losses of the partnership. An LLC, however, can also elect to be taxed as a corporation.

Step 1

File profit or loss from business on Schedule C. As a member of an LLC, you must report business income on Schedule C to Form 1040. This form contains lines that help you calculate your profit or loss and deduct appropriate expenses. The final result can be carried over to Form 1040 to help calculate your personal federal income tax liability. If your business is a multi-member LLC, you should receive a Schedule K-1 reporting your share of the profit.

Step 2

Report passive income on Schedule E. Supplemental income earned by a single- or multi-member LLC through ownership of real estate or intellectual property can be reported on Schedule E to Form 1040. From rents and royalties received, you can deduct certain expenses listed on the form and calculate either a profit or loss that can be used to complete Form 1040. If your business is a multi-member LLC, you should receive a Schedule K-1 reporting your share of the income.

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Step 3

File Form SE for self-employment tax. Members of an LLC are considered self-employed and must file Form SE to calculate the amount of self-employment tax owed unless their income from the business is less than $400.

Step 4

File multi-member LLC income on Form 1065. If your business is a multi-member LLC taxed as a partnership, the business itself must report its income on Form 1065. The business's taxes will still be paid by each individual member as reflected on their Schedule K-1 and reported in their individual returns, but this form helps the IRS ensure the business's income is being reported appropriately.

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How do I File Taxes for an LLC?



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How you file taxes for an LLC depends on how the business is treated by the IRS. A single-member LLC is treated as a sole proprietorship, and an LLC with more than one member is treated as a partnership by default, but either type of entity can elect to be taxed as a corporation and, if it qualifies, further choose be taxed as an S Corp.

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A limited liability company, or LLC, is a “hybrid” type of business organization that combines the limited liability benefits of a corporation with the pass-through taxation and relaxed reporting requirements of a partnership. The LLC is a creation of state legislatures, and the Internal Revenue Service does not explicitly recognize LLC’s for the purposes of federal taxation. Depending on the status of your company, the IRS classifies LLC’s as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Understanding how your LLC is classified for federal taxation purposes is important to knowing how to report your LLC’s income.

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A limited liability company, or LLC, has a unique status with the IRS, and is the only business entity type where the owners get to choose how the IRS treats the business for federal tax purposes. The IRS tax classification options require bookkeeping under different tax rules and the preparation of completely different tax returns, depending on the choice made. Despite this flexibility, however, the basic preparation for filing an LLC tax return is substantially the same across classifications.

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