Does Separation Time Count in Divorce

By Beverly Bird

The length of time you and your spouse are separated can play a part in your divorce proceedings under some circumstances, but in other cases, it doesn't matter at all. It depends entirely on where you live, and if you want to – or even can – file for divorce on fault grounds.

Separation as Grounds

In some states, such as Maryland, separation is the only no-fault grounds available if you want to file for divorce without accusing your spouse of any wrongdoing. In Maryland, you must meet the separation requirement, which specifies the time you spend living apart from your spouse, before you may file for divorce. This isn't true everywhere, however. Illinois requires a separation period for its no-fault grounds, but you can live separately for the requisite period of time after you file. Your divorce will become final after you've passed the separation milestone, which is usually six months if you and your spouse are in agreement to end your marriage. Fault grounds, such as adultery or cruelty, typically don't require any period of separation.

Qualifying for Residency

Some states, such as California, allow you to file for judicial separation – commonly called legal separation – even if you don't meet the residency requirement to file for divorce. In these jurisdictions, after you've lived in the state long enough, you can simply amend or convert your separation decree to a divorce decree if you like, so that your separation counts toward your divorce in this respect, as well.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
How Long After a Separation Can You Obtain a Divorce?


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How long you and your spouse must live separately before you can file for divorce – or if you even have to live separately at all – depends on where you live and the grounds on which you file. In some states, if you cite no-fault grounds, no separation period is necessary. You can file on most fault grounds right away in many states as well.

How Long Will No Fault Divorce Take to Be Finalized for New York?

While New York allows couples to divorce on the grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the divorce process will move faster if the couple can put aside their differences and reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce. Further, couples may not even begin the divorce process unless the marriage has been broken for six months or more and at least one spouse meets the residency requirements for the state.

North Carolina Divorce a Year After Separating or Signing a Separation Agreement

North Carolina is somewhat unique among states in two respects: spouses can divorce without first resolving issues of custody, support and property, and the state has abolished fault-based divorce. Only two grounds exist for divorce: the incurable insanity of your spouse, or a one-year separation. Because most spouses are not incurably insane, this leaves many divorcing couples with only one option -- to separate a year before one of them files.

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