Does Someone Have to Be at the Divorce Court Date in North Carolina?

By Beverly Bird

In some respects, North Carolina is the easiest state in which to divorce. You don't have to divide your property or debts before filing, and it's not necessary to resolve issues of custody or support. The court can terminate your marriage without addressing any of these issues, but if you don't file a separate complaint to resolve property issues or alimony, you're barred from going back to court later to sort these things out. You don't have to appear in court to finalize the divorce itself, provided you have a lawyer.

If You Don't Have a Lawyer

If you're handling your matter without an attorney, you may contact your local court to find out when it holds hearings on divorces. You can schedule your case for that day and send your spouse official notice of the date. If you're the plaintiff – you filed the complaint for divorce – only you must appear in court. The judge will ask you a few questions to confirm that you are married and to whom, that you want a divorce, and that you've met the state's requirements for residency and grounds.

Summary Judgment

If you've hired an attorney to handle your matter, he can attend the final hearing for you. This is accomplished through a legal process called summary judgment. It allows the court to grant your divorce based on the facts of your case, rather than your direct testimony.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Do You Have to Go to Court When Divorce Is Final in Tennessee?


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What Happens If an Uncontested Divorce Suddenly Becomes Contested?

The advent of no-fault divorce in every state gives rise to the prevailing concept of the "uncontested divorce" -- a divorce in which the parties have resolved any outstanding issues and all that remains is the judicial act of ending the marriage. Sometimes, however, a spouse files a petition for a simple divorce and the other side counter sues for alimony, child support or property division. When this happens, the divorce is no longer uncontested.

Motion of Default in a Divorce in Illinois

You may file a motion of default in an Illinois divorce case if your spouse doesn't respond to your divorce petition. If the judge grants your motion, your divorce case moves forward and you'll get a final divorce judgment without your spouse's participation or signature. Procedures for a motion of default vary slightly in the different Illinois circuit courts, but some parts of the process are the same.

Checklist for No-Fault Divorce in Tennessee

Tennessee has two types of divorces, fault and no-fault. Fault divorces are granted on the premise that one party has done something wrong. Some examples of fault grounds for divorce include adultery, infertility, bigamy and being convicted of a felony. In a no-fault divorce action, neither party is deemed to be at fault. No-fault divorces are relatively simple and are well suited for couples that have few assets and debts. No-fault divorces are relatively popular because they are over within three to four months and are much cheaper than a fault divorce.

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