How Soon After I Get Divorced Can I Get Married in the State of New Hampshire?

By Andrine Redsteer

New Hampshire's domestic relations statutes govern divorces throughout the state and give guidance regarding reconciliation. Some states require newly divorced people to wait for a specified amount of time before they remarry. This requirement generally exists so that either party may appeal the divorce decree if they so choose.

Divorce in New Hampshire

New Hampshire recognizes fault divorces and no-fault divorces. A no-fault divorce does not assign fault to either party; it is granted on the ground of irreconcilable differences, which have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage. The fault grounds for divorce in New Hampshire include adultery, abandonment, impotency, cruelty and habitual drinking. In New Hampshire, a court may order a couple to participate in mediation with a third-party mediator to resolve issues pertaining to alimony and/or property settlement.


If a New Hampshire family court believes there is a chance for reconciliation, it will refer the couple to a marriage counselor. However, the court will only make a referral to a marriage counselor before the divorce is finalized. A family court may also refer the couple to counseling at the parties' request.

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Remarriage Waiting Period

Remarriage waiting periods are mandatory in some states to give the parties an opportunity to appeal the terms of the divorce settlement. New Hampshire does not require newly-divorced people to wait before remarriage. Thus, once the divorce decree is granted and the dissolution is final, the parties are free to remarry at any time.


New Hampshire does not impose a waiting period for divorce finalization. In other words, while some states make a married couple wait for a divorce decree for a specified amount of time after filing for divorce, New Hampshire does not. Because there is no mandatory waiting period, a New Hampshire family court may grant a divorce decree as soon as the terms of the divorce are agreed upon.

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