How to Transfer a Property Deed to a Surviving Spouse in the State of Michigan

By Maggie Lourdes

Generally, spouses in Michigan own real property through tenancy by the entirety, which allows spouses to own property together as a single legal entity. With this form of ownership, when a spouse dies, the surviving spouse is entitled to full ownership of the property. The procedure for transferring real property to a surviving spouse in Michigan is typically a straightforward task. Recording the decedent spouse's certified death certificate at the county's register of deeds where the property is located is usually all that is required.

Check the Deeds

Step 1

Carefully read the deed. Be certain the spouses are the only named property owners listed. Confirm that after the spouses' names, language refers to a tenancy by entirety. For example, "John Smith and Mary Smith, husband and wife" or "John Smith and Mary Smith, his wife" or "John Smith and Mary Smith, tenants by the entirety."

Step 2

Obtain a certified death certificate for the decedent spouse from the funeral home that handled the remains or from the vital records office for the county in which the spouse died. You may also order a certified death certificate online at the State of Michigan Vital Records Office's website. Be prepared to pay a small fee for a certified copy.

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Step 3

Hand-deliver or mail the death certificate to the register of deeds for the county in which the property is located. Contact the register of deeds in advance to ascertain the filing fee. Recording fees generally run $14 to $15 dollars. Ask for any special mailing instructions if your preference is to mail the death certificate versus hand-delivery.

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