How to Write Articles of Organization for an LLC

By Rob Jennings J.D.

The articles of organization of a limited liability company are the equivalent of the charter for a corporation and contain crucial information about the company. The articles disclose the LLC's principal place of business, the names of members and managers, and the purpose of the business. Additionally, this document contains a designation of a registered agent for service of process in the event the LLC is sued or is subpoenaed to produce records. Although LLCs are governed by the laws of the individual states, drafting the articles of organization involves a similar set of steps in all jurisdictions.

Step 1

Review the law regarding LLCs in your particular state to gain a better understanding of what the articles of organization must contain. Each state imposes different requirements on LLC formation and operation, and you will want to ensure that your articles strictly comply with the law. Failure to include required information could lead to a loss of limited liability, which you may not discover until somebody files a lawsuit against you.

Step 2

Check to see if your state is one that has made form articles of organization available to prospective LLC owners for free on the Internet. These forms will be state-specific and will indicate what information you need to include and where it needs to go. They may be accompanied by instructions that guide you through the LLC formation process in your state. If your state is one that has these items online, you can generally find them on the official website of the secretary of state or an equivalent official. Fill in all the necessary information where indicated, sign your articles and continue with the LLC formation process.

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Step 3

Check with a reputable online source to see if you can purchase state-specific forms for your articles of organization in the event your state does not have forms available to you. Like state forms, commercially produced articles of organization forms will ensure that you include all of the information that your state requires. You may find that the convenience and security of such documents justifies the price tag.

Step 4

Draft your articles of organization in accordance with the laws of your state in the event that your state has no forms available for you and you have decided not to purchase forms from a reputable source. Present the required information in the order it is listed in the statute. When you describe the business purpose for which the LLC is organized, use a general description such as "to engage in any lawful purpose" instead of something specific if your state allows it. Operating outside the confines of your articles of organization may lead to a loss of limited liability.

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