How to Write a Legal Notice for a Limited Liability Company Publication Notice

By Calandra Cooper

A public notification, or legal notification, serves as a method of informing members of the community of what's going on in their city or state. As far as business goes, not all states require public notification of intent to establish or end business operations as a limited liability company. Arizona, New York and Nebraska are among the states do. When writing a notice, refer to statutes under the state's limited liability company laws.

Step 1

Go to the state's legislature or secretary of state department website to look up statutes related to limited liability companies to determine if there’s a statutory requirement to file a legal notice when establishing or dissolving a LLC. In general, statutes related to legal notices are listed under titles similar to “Notices: publication: filing,” “Notices; publication: filing” or “Formation of Limited Liability.” Alternatively, ask a clerk if there’s a requirement and ask that they direct you to the appropriate statutes, if applicable.

Step 2

Read the statute and apply the information contained within to the notice you're writing. Statutes specify what information to include in the written notice. In general, most statutes specify the type of newspaper in which the notice must appear, the number of newspapers in which to publish the notice, the duration of publication, when to publish and other specifics to include about the LLC and its members including the name of LLC, its registered agent, the date of filing of the articles of organization, the state or county of operation, the time of commencement, date of dissolution, if applicable, the business purpose of the LLC and any other wording specifically required by statute.

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Step 3

Visit the office of a newspaper(s) meeting the statutory requirements to place the notice for the specified period of time. Pay any required fees.

Step 4

Submit proof of publication to the state department of state, secretary of state office or other designated entity, if required.

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